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December 2019



We all know that smiling only can bring you benefits. Check out this article and learn the science behind  why you should always have a smile in your face.

Boost Your Mood and Mental Health

Smiling can help improve depression symptoms, and improve overall mood. Perhaps the old adage is true, fake it ‘till you make it! If you’re  having a bad day, try plaster a fake smile on your  face and somehow, by the end of the day you’ll probably have a genuine one.

Break the Proverbial Social Ice

Psychologists saythat simply changing your expression to a smile can drastically alter the way you’re approached by those around you. People who smile seem nice, friendly, and more approachable, which makes the people around them feel more at ease.

Take a Load Off

Smiling releases happy hormones that help your body release tension and stress. When you’re feeling tense, stressed, or frustrated, a smile (even a fake smile) releases happy chemicals in your brain that eases negative feelings and their effects on your body! It’s easy medicine.

Spread the Love

Smiles are contagious. When you see a smile, you smile back. Additionally, wearing a smile can brighten the day of everyone around you, even if just a little bit. Sometimes knowing that a smile might help others keeps a smile on my face. Try it! Smile and watch how the people around you return the favor.

Improve Overall Health

Last but not least, smiling has a positive effect on the entire body, even the immune system! From our mental health (by releasing chemicals that make us feel happy) to our physical health (by providing immune system boosts, lowering blood pressure and reducing stress), research shows that smiling helps your body stay healthier!

In conclusion, smiling is great for you and for those around you. At Get Air, we see hundred of smiling faces every day because it’s really hard not to smile (or even belly laugh)when you’re jumping on our trampolines. Have you ever tried it?

Come to the park, have fun and smile more!